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Welcome to Gasparinilab

Our research involves the examination of liquid helium when confined in very small spaces. Our experiments work very close to the superfluid transition temperature which is 2.2 degrees Celsius above absolute zero (2.2 Kelvin).

Taking advantage of modern nanofabrication we are able to create extremely well characterized confinements. In our current work we place very different confinement regions in contact with each other to examine the effects one region has on the other. These effects are termed Proximity Effects. We have recently measured very anamolus effects that cannot be explained in conventional theories. More information on this can be found on the Research page.

Previous work in our lab has been centered around using our confinements to measure critical phenomena and finite-size effects

A glossary of scientific terms used throughout the site may be found here.

Please feel free contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of the physics you will find discussed within this site.

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