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Pictures and Recreation


Lindsay, Justin, Dr. Gasparini and Lucille at the Bird's nest in Beijing at LT26


Visiting the Great Wall at Badaling during LT26


C. P. Chen, Justin and Frank at the Summer Palace

Steve white water rafting

Steve dominating some white water in the Adirondacks.

Justin and Lars shrinking balloons with liquid Nitrogen

Justin and Lars setting up some demonstrations for the Physics open house.

Photo of Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Beer

Doesn't everybody use liquid nitrogen to cool beer?

Coffee is good? Photo of Andi, Manuel, Mark

Coffee is good? Andi, Manuel, Mark"

Andi and Mark laughing!

Andi and Mark laughing!

Photo of Andi, Kevin, Mickey, and Madalina!

Andi, Mickey, Madalina, and Kevin!

Photo of Joe, Bruce, Rachael, MaryAnn, and Pat!

Joe, Bruce, Rachael, MaryAnn, and Pat!

Photo of Myung-hee

Myung-hee Na trying to sabatoge our experiment!

Photo of Stacey

Stacey running from the paparazzi!

Photo of Kevin, Matt, and Mark

Kevin sadly states "It looks like our grant proposal for beer was turned down again!"

Photo of Graduate Student social event

Of course physicists have fun! Here is the proof!

Photo of Frank, Kevin, and Mark in Germany

The Usual Suspects hard at work

Photo of students from the Law School filling Balloons in the lab

We always knew lawyers were full of hot air but didn't realize they "bottled" it! (Photo of law school students filling helium balloons in our lab)

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